Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Cubs Win Big Series, Improve Team via Trade

by Ben Calloway

It's all good for Cubs fans, at least for now. The Cubs beat the Astros 12-3 on Thursday to close up a big four-game series, where the Cubs won three of the games.

The Cubs' slamming of the Astros came after routing them 12-0 the day before. Everyone in the lineup is contributing, and you no longer hear anyone saying the word "slump."

Kosuke Fukudome went 3-for-3, and was only a home run away from the cycle. Soriano went 2-for-3 with two walks, while both Jake Fox and Milton Bradley belted home runs.

Pitcher Kevin Hart started off a little rough, but finished nicely and got the job done. Hart went six innings, giving up three runs on six hits.

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Chicago Cubs: Tale of Two Seasons

by Ricky Butts

It has been a frustrating first ninety eight games on the north side of the "Windy City."

They were pre-season favorites to win the National League Central Division and make a run at their first World Series appearance since 1945.

Up until now, it has been a tough go at it. At some points, they found themselves scuffling and making a run at the bottom dweller in the division they were supposed to run away from.

Some blame Jim Hendry for partially dismantling the team from one year ago. The trade of Derosa still has some reeling, but the point is, not even he could have saved the team in the first half.

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Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors: A Really, Really Dumb Idea


On Monday, as the trade winds began to fill more sails around Major League Baseball, one floated through Chicago that might be one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

A number of media outlets, including ESPN's Bruce Levine, have reported that the Chicago Cubs have shown some level of interest in Oakland A's shortstop Orlando Cabrera. I do not know how this will effect my online betting.

Cabrera is in his first season in Oakland after spending last year on Chicago's South Side. While with the White Sox, Cabrera was depicted as a negative influence on the clubhouse and as having a bad attitude.

This winter, he moved on to Oakland as a free agent. He has been in the playoffs in three of the past four years, all for a different organization.

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Chicago Cubs: What Should Fans Believe?


I attended the Cubs' game on Sunday afternoon and left with an overwhelming sense of empty optimism.

"Empty optimism" probably isn't what you would think I was feeling after four hours of baking in the bleachers on a Sunday afternoon especially when the raising of the white "W" flag meant the Cubs were in first place.

Hung over maybe, but not questioning the validity of, the Cubs seat atop the National League Standings.

Yet there I was, walking past lines of Reds fans waiting for a bus back to Ohio, wondering if what I had just seen was legit.

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